Our Vision

We believe the healthcare system should be accessible, ethical, and collaborative. We work with each client and family individually to create a plan of care that works best for them. Thus creating a world where healthcare is a partnership between client and practitioner.

A healthcare system that works with you, for you.

Our Mission


Our Beliefs

We believe...
  • Our members have a right to be treated with respect and recognition of their dignity and right to privacy.
  • Our members have a right to participate with their therapist in making decisions about their or their child’s plan of care.
  • Our members have the right to a candid discussion of appropriate or medically necessary treatment options for their conditions.
  • Our members have the right to receive information about our services, our therapists, and our members’ rights and responsibilities.
  • Our members have the right to have access to an informed and supportive healthcare system
In herbalism, infused honey is often used to treat various ailments.  Honey is full of medicinal properties and the work that honeybees do to create this wonderful food makes them "nature's alchemists."  That's what we do at Honey Bee Health Collective; we strive to use alchemy to bring together all manner of health professionals to serve you, our members.

Our Name

baby bee

Our Story


Honey Bee Health Collective is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive healthcare and therapy services for Colorado residents. HBHC was founded in 2019 by like-minded individuals to form a healthcare system that works with you, for you.  We come together with the hope of offering a one-stop-shop for healthcare and therapy services, where the process is collaborative and accessible. We provide services on a sliding scale membership fee in an effort to make healthcare affordable.  We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of any family who comes to us for our services and support all economic communities.