Reflections on a Year of Pandemic

We're coming up on an anniversary of sorts.  It's an anniversary we never thought we'd experience.  A year of no community and no social interactions.  A year of being shut away and being alone.  More so now than ever before have we realized just how important those things are to the health and wellness of humanity.

Honey Bee Health Collective started 2 years ago as a means to help Northern Colorado families access therapy services.  When the lockdowns started March of 2020 we had no idea how important those services really are and how vital they are to the community at large.  

Throughout the year we have struggled (together) to find a way to provide services to clients in ever more creative ways.  We've done teletherapy and virtual sessions.  We've met at parks and other outdoor places.  We've tried therapy with masks and face shields.  Some methods were successful, others not so much, but we did everything we could to continue providing a vital service needed in our community.

As the year passed our priorities changed.  It became less about providing the therapy service itself and more about building a community; desperately clinging to any form of human interaction.  One Mom joked that she was beginning to love the small talk after the therapy session and debrief because it was the only time she got to talk with another adult.  Friendships were forged, bonds were made, community was built.

As we near the end of the quarantines, as more vaccines are rolled out, as we learn more about this virus and ways to keep our community safe we must reflect on what we what to continue; what we have learned.  HBHC has learned that it's so much more than just providing high quality services (which we will continue to do).  We have learned that we are in a unique position to truly build community.  We can provide a safe place for people to learn and grow and change.  We must love ourselves, love our families, and love our community.  Together we are stronger.


Our mission is to provide a healthcare system that works with you, for you. We looking forward to working with you and your family,